Custom Dutch Blitz Cards

Custom Blitz Cards

The Obsession

My family gets competitive with card games. Our latest obsession is Dutch Blitz, a fast-paced game that seems somewhat regional due to the Pennsylvania Dutch influence.

To give you an idea of just how seriously we take it, we have a spreadsheet to keep score and maintain lifetime stats. Feel free to fork it for your own use.

We’ve also purpose-built a Dutch Blitz table with green felt.

Dutch Blitz Table

The latest endeavor? To create custom cards in the style of Dutch Blitz / Ligretto / Nerts.

The Design

The Dutch Blitz cards definitely have a charm, but they’ve also got some usability issues. The color combinations have poor contrast, black on blue in particular. Differentiating the boy and girl takes an extra second, which matters in the heat of the moment. The numbers are small and can be tough to read from across the table.

Flip the cards over, and the vintage etchings — the pump, carriage, plow, and pail — are endearing but have no personal significance to us. One is assigned to each player, but keeping straight which is whose takes a few rounds.

Expansion Pack

For more than 4 players, the expansion pack is just a palette swap of the same four objects.

If a 5th and 6th suit can be devised to fit with classic poker cards, it shouldn’t be tough to spot more things around the farm for Dutch Blitz.


The Redesign

And so I took the opportunity to design custom cards and have some fun with personalized illustrations.

For the redesigned faces, I took a modern, minimalist style inspired by Minim playing cards and UNO Minimalista.

For the backs, I went with branded objects we already associate with different members of the family. Here are the results.

Custom Blitz Cards

You might be able to guess which object is mine.

Here are some alternative backs I had printed up for a gift.

Custom Dutch Blitz Illustrations

Now to playtest this deck and no doubt iterate on it, getting ever closer to the ultimate Dutch Blitz experience.

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  1. This is exactly what I was thinking of doing!

    Did you have a company print them for you? If so, do you mind sharing their contact information?

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