CRAPCHA: Completely Ridiculous And Phony Captcha that Hassles for Amusement

We’ve all run into CAPTCHAs, those annoying registration fields you never get right on the first try. But CAPTCHAs do play a valuable role, keeping spambots out by verifying that you’re a human. On top of this, reCAPTCHA serves a greater good, having you digitize old books in the process.



CRAPCHA doesn’t serve a dual purpose. It barely serves a single purpose. And it isn’t to keep spammers out.

What CRAPCHA does is annoy users by presenting a CAPTCHA with indecipherable text. Nothing new so far? Well, CRAPCHA attempts are posted to the CRAPCHA board, providing amusement for all. You can even click on a timestamp to save one for posterity. Try it out for yourself:

Add To Your Site

If you run a site and want to spring this on your unsuspecting guests, simply copy and paste the following code.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="0" width="300" height="150"></iframe>

Word of warning, CRAPCHA doesn’t actually validate anything. On the other hand, it’s fun.


CRAPCHAs are created using a mix of weird Unicode and Font Awesome characters that have undergone CSS3 transforms.

Attempts are saved and retrieved using the lovely service provided by Parse Firebase.

You can check out CRAPCHA’s source on Github.

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  1. Hi Thomas,

    Laughing first, because you say that the purpose is to keep bad guys out :))
    Return into the problem of captcha, I have created innovation of captcha with no type-in process. It let user just dragging an icon according to the given question. I really need your feedback. Here:

    ..sorry if some of the language used Bahasa Indonesia :)

    • Nice, I had a similar idea about using CAPTCHAs as an advertising vector. Didn’t know it was already out there!

  2. Super amusing. I’ve incorporated it into a fake file sharing site that I’m using to infuriate a scammer. He’s trying to solve the crapcha to download my “passport” ahaahahah

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