Relevant XKCD


  1. An xkcd tribute inspired by what has become a meme.
  2. Also inspired by all things recursive like We Become What We Behold and xkcd itself.
  3. Made with the official xkcd font.
  4. Can you guess which xkcd this was traced from? Winner gets seven Vienna Fingers cookies.
  5. If you click enough times, this is actually a relevant xkcd to relevant xkcds to relevant xkcds ad infinitum.
  6. On second thought, this would only truly be a relevant xkcd to relevant xkcds if it were embedded as an iframe on As it stands, it’s merely relevant to relevant xkcds.

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  1. Clicking the link in the mini comic just zooms out, as does the outer one. It would be nice/better if it zoomed in, instead of out.

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