+$200 -$200
+$400 -$400
+$600 -$600
+$800 -$800
+$1000 -$1000
+$400 -$400
+$800 -$800
+$1200 -$1200
+$1600 -$1600
+$2000 -$2000

Trebek makes it easier to play along at home with Jeopardy!

Gauge your chances of making it onto the show by trying to answer questions before the contestants do and keeping score. According to two-time winner Karl Coryat, you have a good shot if you can score $24,000 or higher on a regular basis.

Earn 1 star for scoring $12,000, and another star for each additional $6,000.

Trebek works great on your iPhone or iPad, even in offline mode. Open Trebek in Safari, click the arrow button at the bottom, and add it to your home screen.

Warning: Clearing your browser's cache will result in the loss of your saved scores.

Learn more than you ever wanted to know about Trebek.

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